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Meeting Minutes - January 31, 2024

Social – Cash Bar & Complimentary Appetizers (provided by Rockafellers) – 6:30pm


Call to Order – 7:02pm

  • Special guest, Vincent Smith

    • Running for Virginia Beach School Board.

  • Special guest, Karen Crowley

    • Karen sits on the board for Virginia musical theater. They allow Shadowlawn Civic League members to purchase tickets for $38 per show for Evita. Roughly $20 discount. Feb 23, 24, 25 (Fri and Sat only).

    • Blake to share on social media and share list of SCL members to Karen

  • Special Guest – Rosemary Wilson and executive assistant, Deb Favaron.

    • Invited Shadowlawn to attend a free event on Monday, February 19 from 6-8pm at the VA Aquarium new South Building Auditorium.  Police Chief Paul Neudigate and Sheriff Rocky Holcomb will be in attendance.


Old Business:


1. Approval Meeting Minutes from November, 2023

2. Shadowlawn Shinedown; sponsorship from Rockafellers. $50 gift card to winner of each category.

3. Winston Salem Project for Street Expansions and Improvements Update

  • Rosemary Wilson: Per City Manager, bids have come in. Still above budget but gap is not as big. Council will need to approve.

  • Tuesday night – Open mic night. Residents can come speak on any topic they want. Since this is more eminent, highly encourage attendance to speak or support. Council meeting starts at 6; this is at the end of the meeting.

  • Blake will share more widely on social media.

  • Blake: only 4 residents showed up at the last Open Mic night. City Council will listen. We need to show our support in numbers. This is the closest we’ve been since 1989.

  • CL member – call for participation; can we organize a carpool? Few members volunteered.

  • CL member question: Where can I find information on Winston Salem Project? Blake to provide information.

4. Whit Sessoms Project

  • Whit has withdrawn everything temporarily.

  • Beverly is checking periodically to see if he’s sneaking something through.

  • No update from last Civic League meeting


New Business:


1. Nominate Officers for 2024

  • Slate of officers nominated: Blake Roberson, President, Meghan Roberson, Vice President, Tammy _____ , Treasurer, Morgan Burnett, Secretary

  • Motion passes

2. Membership Update

  • 201 current memberships; 53 cash/check from last year that need to renew.

3. Treasurer's Report

  • Reported by President; current balance: $13,813

4. Projects

  • New Signs, Shadowlawn Civic League - quotes and ideas

    • Purchase 4 new signs, brighter color to grab attention.

    • In the process of getting quotes and ideas.

    • If you have ideas or contacts, please email

  • New Shadowlawn 10x10 tent

    • Looking to purchase in 2024. Will be approximately $1200 and discussed with new board when they are sworn in.

  • Neighborhood entry signage - installation by July 1, 2024, location dependent.

    • New signs have been made by the city.

    • CL member: Can you share what the sign will look like? Blake will share

    • These will be in the ground

    • Winston Salem Project will not impact

  • By-laws

    • Reviewing by-laws of other civic leagues

    • Will present to the CL in the next few months

5. Shadowlawn Walking Club

  • Started by Sarah Raad.

  • Starts this coming Monday – February 5 @ 7am. Meet at Pizza Chapel

  • Goal is to walk every Monday at 7am. Plans to grow to Wednesdays and Fridays

  • Civic League is supporting this cause.

6. Shadowlawn Days of Caring

  • In the process of setting up a new committee. Plan to meet 3x per year.

  • Goal is to help our neighbors in need, (ex. Knee/hip replacement, etc.) with yard work.

7. Military Welcome Home Committee

  • New committee; looking for 5-10 volunteers to place flags out along road leading them home.

  • Call to action: Need help to know who is coming home. Looking for Military members gone 3+ months.

8. Virginia Beach Trail Project

  • Virginia Beach section will run from Norfolk/VA Beach line to Rudee loop

  • $15M set aside to build 9ft wide paved trail.

  • Plan for the entire trail project is to go from Rudee Loop to Blue Ridge Mountains

  • Check out the city’s website for more information.

9. Shadowlawn – Neighborhood Established 1924

  • Deb and Meghan working together to create a Shadowlawn book honoring tradition and history of our neighborhood.

  • Call to action: If anyone has additional contacts or information or pictures, please share

  • CL member: The Icehouse Restaurant was … an icehouse. It may be a good source of information

  • CL member: Real estate assessment could be pulled to see how old the houses are in our neighborhood

10. Upcoming Events

11.  Website

  • Electronic dues payment

  • Calendar of events and event registration

  • Meeting minutes

  • Sponsorship opportunities

12.  Community Reminders/Updates

  • Senior Citizen Police Academy - 3/6/24 through 5/28/24 (9am -12pm every Tuesday)

  • Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Services - adoptions are now $1 in VB

  • Transportation Future 2040 Survey - open until March 8, 2024 (shared on Facebook)

13.  Crime Report

  • Numbers better than last year


Closing remarks: Big shout out to Rockefeller’s for hosting our meeting


Blake opens floor for resident suggestions

  • Halloween decorating contest

  • Movie nights

  • Surf Club

    • Check out vbsurflessons for all your surfing lesson needs

  • Blue mailbox – can we have another one in the neighborhood?


Meeting Adjourned @ 8:00pm

Social - Cash Bar & Complimentary Appetizers

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