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Meeting Minutes - November 29, 2023

6:30pm - Social

7:05pm - Meeting was called to order.

Old Business:

1. Approved Meeting Minutes from October, 2023

2. Updates since last meeting

  • Shadowfest - Approximately 300 people attended. Cost was $1650. Income included profits from the sale of 53 shirts and nearly 100 koozies in addition to a generous donation by the Coose family.

3. Shadowlawn neighborhood entrance signs are located and will be installed once final locations are determined and approved.

4. Winston Salem Project for street expansion and road improvements - Rosemary Wilson was present at this meeting and stated this job has been sent out for bid.

5. Membership update - 245 members as of the start of this meeting.

New Business:

1. Wit Sessoms Proposed Development - 5 individuals presented information regarding the proposed development along Winston Salem Avenue. Presentations included information about wetlands classification, watershed, water tables, flooding concerns, drainage patterns, and city code regarding each of these areas.

  • Civic League voted for or against development of "tidal" wetlands within our neighborhood limits. Voted in favor of NOT developing "tidal" wetlands.

  • Civic League voted for or against development of other wetlands (those not considered "tidal") within our neighborhood limits. Voted in favor of NOT developing other wetlands.

2. Safety & Crime Report – annual data was presented.

3. Upcoming Events

  • Shadowlawn Shinedown - Holiday Decorating Contest (Sponsored by Rockafeller’s). Winners in each category will receive a $50 gift card to Rockafeller's.

4. Open Board Position - Secretary. Voting will be scheduled for our first meeting in January.

President, Blake Roberson, thanked the restaurants and sponsors who have supported us this year including Rockafeller's, Rudee's, Big Sam's, Jr. Mart, Shadowlawn Eats, Wright Coast Photography, VB Surf Sessions, and our Platinum Sponsor for 2023, Moke Virginia Beach.

8:45pm - Meeting was adjourned.

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