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Quarterly meetings are open to all current and new Civic League members (or if you're just interested to see what it's all about).


Meetings take place at Little Rocks, the upstairs area of Rockafeller's Restaurant.

Civic League Meetings

Updated: Nov 29, 2023


Social – Cash Bar & Complimentary Appetizers (provided by Rockafellers) – 6:30pm

Call to Order – 7:00pm

Old Business:

1. Approve Meeting Minutes from April 19, 2023

2. Updates since last meeting

  • Yard Sale

  • Adopt-a-Muster

  • Spring Fling

  • National Night Out

  • Shadowlawn Surf Club

  • Tour de Shadowlawn

  • Shirt Orders

3. Traffic – speed control update

4. Shadowlawn neighborhood entrance signs

5. Winston Salem Project

6. Membership update

7. Treasurer Report

New Business:

1. Volunteer Committee

2. Safety & Crime Report – annual data will be presented at 4th Quarter Meeting

3. Shadowfest – October 28th (3-7pm)

  • Parade line up 3pm with 3:30 start time

  • Shadowfest 4-7pm

  • Volunteers needed (set up, check in, clean-up)

4. Upcoming Events

  • Fall Movie Nights

  • Shadowlawn Shinedown - Holiday Decorating Contest

  • Holiday Movie/Party

5. Whit Sessoms – Presentation, 500 Block of Winston Salem

Adjourn/Social - Cash Bar & Complimentary Appetizers

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6:30 – Social / Happy Hour

7:05 – Meeting was called to order.

President, Blake Roberson, welcomed delegate for the 81st district, Barry Knight, and delegate for the 19th district, Jeff Bruzzese, as both were present during tonight's meeting. Old Business:

  1. Pearl Homes: There are currently there are 57 homes registered. Each resident can register their home at Blake encouraged all attendees to participate in this endeavor. Our goal as a neighborhood is to have 360 homes qualify in order for Shadowlawn to be considered a Pearl Neighborhood. Board will update house numbers at the next meeting. 

  2. Winston Salem Project: It is still funded as of April 18, 2023. No other updates to report.

  3. Rudee Loop: Reviewed general updates from Rudee Loop survey, interviews, and open house events. Citizens voted overwhelmingly for green space. More information can be found on the Shadowlawn Civic League website at:

  4. Neighborhood Signage: Locations and installation should be complete by the end of 2023. Beautification committee will be created to work on the landscaping of these areas.

  5. Dumpster Murals: Blake and Mike Camden are still waiting to hear from Waste Management concerning this. If not resolved, Blake will request a fence to hide the dumpsters.

New Business:

  1. Minutes from the January, 2023 meeting were approved.

  2. Membership Drive: There were 101 members prior to today's date. There were 16 new memberships submitted during the happy hour prior to the meeting.

  3. 2023 Platinum Sponsor, MOKE America of Virginia Beach: Moke America of Virginia Beach donated $2,300 to the Shadowlawn Civic League to help support our events. They also donated multiple items to be raffled at the meeting this evening including a beach cruiser, multiple wireless speakers, an inflatable paddle board, and branded merchandise.

  4. Speeding Concerns: Citizens are concerned about speeding vehicles, especially on Mediterranean and Caribbean. Blake has been in contact with the city traffic engineers to try to get 4-way stop signs; however, their analysis of the number of vehicles and the number of speeding vehicles did not result in the metrics required to install this measure of speed deterrents. The board understands that the metrics do not account for pedestrian traffic and lack of sidewalks on these roads and have brought this up to the city. Speech trailers are being used for a 4-week period and next steps will be determined afterward. Traffic engineers and Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson will attend the SCL meeting in September. If you are interested in speaking at this meeting, there will be a sign up available to organize speakers. A member complained about speeding school buses in the neighborhood. Blake will contact the school board to discuss this issue.

  5. Streetlights: Dominion Power is responsible for all the streetlights in our area. Several streets have very few functioning streetlights, some are dimly lit and many do not have lights at all. Blake will contact Dominion Power to resolve these issues. Members were asked to contact Blake with specific areas that need attention.

  6. Something In The Water: The event takes place April 27th-30th. Members were encouraged to check the Shadowlawn Civic League website for updates on traffic patterns, road closures, and other issues that will impact our residents. This information can be found at:

  7. Committee Involvement: Treasurer, Patrick Cerone, mentioned the formation of several committees that will be utilized within the Civic League. Some of these may include a Beautification Committee to address landscaping around the new neighborhood signs and a Volunteer Committee to assist with various tasks at meetings and events.

  8. Budget: Treasurer, Patrick Cerone, explained that his purpose is to be a good steward of the money generated by the incoming dues. He is hoping to build up our reserves for more fun events and the needs of the neighborhood. He asked that everyone continue to recruit new members, as well. Patrick also asked that members volunteer to participate in committees to help carry some of the burden of Blake and Meghan.

  9. Treasurer's Report: There are 117 members currently. There is approximately $4,300 in the bank account (not including dues paid at this event).

  10. Events Updates: Members were provided with an addendum to the agenda which provided details regarding all upcoming events for 2023. Some events were also discussed in this meeting as follows:

Neighborhood Yard Sale: Saturday May 13th at 8am. Da Biscuit food trucks will be in the neighborhood and Moke will offer joy rides on their golf carts and beach buggies. Register your yard sale online at:

Spring Fling: Wednesday, May 24th at Big Sams (6-18pm). Rain date is May 31st. Live music, light appetizers, cash bar and merch available for purchase or preorder. This event is for current members but new members can sign up at the event. Moke will be offer joy rides on their golf carts and beach buggies. If anyone would like to donate gift baskets available for raffle, please email

​Outdoor Movie Night: May 26th, 7pm at 801 High Point Avenue.

​Clean the Bay Day: Saturday, June 3rd from 8-12pm. We will be cleaning Lake Holly. Water access will be available at 708 Arctic Avenue, home of Jim and Deb Flanagan. Other options may be available. Bring SUP boards and kayaks. A limited number of kayaks may be available for sign up. Please check the Shadowlawn Civic League website and social media accounts for updates.

​Shadowlawn Surf Club: Every Wednesday at 5:30pm, June 28th - August 16th. All are welcome to this family beach night. Free pizza will be available for the kids on June 28th, our first Surf Club event. Bring tents, chairs, food, drinks, beach toys, and boards.

​Other events including National Night Out, Tour de Shadowlawn, Shadowfest, and the 1st Annual Shadowlawn Oyster Roast are posted on the Civic League website. For updated information, go to:

Real Time Issues:

  • Blake reported that Fisherman’s Wharf and The Water Table have been sold to Acme. Their plans are to create a marina-based area including Short Term Rentals and new restaurants. The goal is to bring more activity and dining options to the marina area and also enhance the experience for locals as well as tournament fishermen who travel to Virginia Beach.

  • Blake thanked Matt Henley of Rockafeller’s for his hospitality and for providing us with a place to hold meetings. Rockafeller's also provided free food for this meeting and discount beverages.

  • Blake welcomed Tim Anderson, Shadowlawn resident, Civic League member, and delegate running for the 19th senate district.

  • Shadowlawn Civic League does not support any specific politician or political viewpoint. If local politicians wish to attend meetings, we will welcome them to the meeting to provide an opportunity for residents to share their own real-time issues with those who are involved in policy change.

8:05pm - Meeting adjourned.

There were 99 members present.

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Social – Refreshments & Complimentary Appetizers – 6:30pm

Call to Order – 7:00pm

Old Business:

1. Pearl Homes/Pearl Neighborhood

2. Winston Salem project

3. Rudee Loop Updates

4. Signage Updates

5. Dumpster murals

New Business:

1. Approve January 2023 Minutes

2. Membership Drive

3. 2023 Platinum Sponsor: MOKE America of Virginia Beach

4. Speeding Concerns

  • Mediterranean Avenue

  • Caribbean Avenue

  • Speed trailers over the next 4 weeks

  • Traffic engineers and Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson will attend SCL meeting in September.

5. Streetlights

  • Replacement/Update/Add

  • Dominion-owned

6. Events Updates

Neighborhood Yard Sale

- May 13th (Saturday), 8am

- Register your yard sale online at

- Da Biscuit food truck will be in the neighborhood for this event, location TBD.

- Moke, our Platinum Sponsor, will be in the neighborhood offering rides on their golf carts and beach buggy vehicles.

Spring Fling at Big Sam’s

- May 24th (Wednesday), 6-8pm

- Rain date is May 31st

- Live music, light appetizers, good drinks, and all of your favorite neighbors!

- This event is open to all current civic league members, dues can be paid at the door.

- Moke, our Platinum Sponsor, will be in the neighborhood offering rides on their golf carts and beach buggy vehicles.

Adopt a Muster

- May 27th

- Donations requested: snacks, chips, granola bars, bottled drinks, etc.

- Bring all food donations to the Spring Fling or drop off at 801 High Point Avenue.

- Mission BBQ has offered to donate food for this event.

Clean the Bay Day

- June 3rd (Saturday) 8am-12pm

- We will clean the accessible areas in and around Lake Holly and Rudee Inlet.

- Access Lake Holly at 708 Arctic Avenue (home of Jim and Deb Flanagan).

- Access Rudee Inlet at any access point, personal docks may be available (TBD).

- Bring SUP boards or kayaks if available to access the waterways.

- A limited number of kayaks may be available for sign up.

Summer Kick-Off!

- June 16th

- Celebrate the start of summer break with the whole neighborhood! (Details TBD)

Shadowlawn Surf Club

- Every Wednesday evening at 5:30pm, June 28th – August 16th.

- All are welcome to this family beach night! (Surfing not required, of course)

- Bring tents, chairs, food, drinks, beach toys, and boards.

- Free pizza will be provided on the 1st and 4th nights!

National Night Out

- August 1st

- Bring the kids, the dog, a cooler, and good vibes for a night of driveway hopping to meet new neighbors and see old friends. (Details TBD)

- We hope to bring in fire engines, police cars, and other public safety vehicles for the kids to explore and food trucks for the adults!

Tour de Shadowlawn

- A ticketed event planned for September

- Ticket includes event t-shirt and special drink prices for participants.

- Bike, walk, or crawl from one stop to the next visiting our neighborhood's favorite local restaurants!

- Must be 21+ to participate.


- October 28th - Halloween Parade and Block Party

- Our most popular annual event!

Shadowlawn Oyster Roast

- A ticketed event planned for November

- Ticket will include unlimited food and drinks (Details TBD)

6.Community Reminders / Updates

  • Something In The Water:; April 27th - 30th

  • Clean the Bay Day: Saturday, June 3rd at Lake Holly

7. Projects

  • Neighborhood signage (Locations and installation by end 2023)

  • Painting murals on Dumpsters behind Pizza Chapel (Summer/Fall 2023)

8. Crime Report

Adjourn/Social - Refreshments & Complimentary Appetizers

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